My services can be billed to your health insurance company if your policy has mental health and substance abuse benefits.   Copayments, and the percentage of allowable charges, will vary depending on your insurance plan.  If you have a managed care health insurance plan then I will need to be an in-network provider with them in order for your sessions to be fully covered.  However, some companies do have out-of-network coverage which will cover some of the cost of my services as well.  There can be limitations with some insurance plans regarding  the total number of sessions or costs allowed per year, and sometimes they won't pay for certain kinds of psychotherapy services or diagnoses.  Couple counseling and marital therapy are not covered by health insurance.


I am an in-network provider for Anthem (except Healthkeepers and HMO products).  I am not a provider for any HMO plans, or for Medicaid.  It is always best to check directly with your health insurance company, especially because pre-authorization is often required before you can receive services.


There are limitations to the confidentiality of your treatment when you decide to utilize your health insurance.  For instance, after your initial sessions have been used your insurance company might require that I send them personal information about you and your treatment in order to continue, and sometimes they request to review your entire file.  Though the latter is not the usual case it is always a possibility, and then the confidentiality of your personal information is compromised and subject to redisclosure.

Please feel free to call me to at (540) 370-4344 to discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding insurance issues and my services.  You can also email me at

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